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Product introduction:   Laminated glass consist of two or more pieces of glass, Use PVB film in the middle of the glass.To blind the glass to the middle film.Therefore,become a real Laminated glass.

Product features:

1, safety: When hit by an extelnal force.Because the elastic interlayer has the function of absorbing shock,the impact can be prevented from penetrating.Even if the glass is broken,can only produce fine cracks like cobwebs.The fragment was firmly attached to the middle layer,to avoid personal injury or property damage caused by falling glass fragments.

2.Sound insulation: The PVB film has the function of blocking sound wave,So Laminated glass can effectively control the spread of noise.

3.UV protection function:PVB film can absorb 99% of the ultraviolet radiation, This helps to protect the furniture from fading.

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